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i've always wanted a casual personal space on the internet. i've made personal websites, but that's not really what i want – too formal, too much work to update, too many expectations around it. so i made this website builder. i’ve tried a lot of site builders. none of them have felt quite right. i don’t want a splashy, highly customized landing page. i’m not an influencer. i’m just a normal person, who doesn’t want to write a blog or start a newsletter. i’ve got some cool links though, and some half-formed ideas. i wanted something i can edit easily from my phone. a better way to share music with friends. a place for work-in-progress. where is this going? i have a lot of unfinished/abandoned music sitting in dropbox. i want this to be a place for those lost tapes. (audio uploads, a simple player, maybe comments) lost tapes, shower thoughts, cool links.
tweet introducing tray
"An hour of droning, chiming ambient music followed. I’m not sure I ever understood exactly what I was hearing. It was an alien signal."
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